The Highland Council has a Pensions Committee which exercises, on behalf of the Council, all the powers and duties of the Council in relation to its functions as Administering Authority of the Highland Council Pension Fund, except where they have been specifically delegated by the Council to another Committee or to an officer. The Pension Committee has 11 Highland Council Elected Members. All committee papers and minutes are publicly available here and meetings are webcast. The Committee meets at least three times per annum and additional meetings are called as appropriate. 


  • Chris Ballance (Green)
  • Richard Gale (Lib Dem)
  • Andrew Jarvie (Con)
  • Liz Kraft (SNP)
  • Bill Lobban (Ind)
  • Derek Louden (SNP) (Vice Chair) 
  • Angus MacDonald (Lib Dem)
  • Thomas MacLennan (SNP) (Chair)
  • Paul Oldham (SNP)
  • Margaret Paterson (Ind)
  • Andrew Sinclair (Con)

Investment Sub Committee

In addition the Council has established an Investment Sub-Committee comprised of 7 Elected Members from the Highland Council who have voting rights and 2 "non-voting" members representing other employers and employees. The Investment Sub-Committee meets quarterly and it's remit is to enhance the Council's management and investment of assets of the Pension Fund in accordance with the respective objectives and strategies of the Fund. It achieves this by securing detailed discussion with, and appraisal of information from the Council's Investment Managers and other specialists as necessary.

The Investment Sub-Committee meets at least quarterly and reports to the Pensions Committee on the management and investment of the Pension Fund.


  • To be confirmed following Pensions Committee on the 29 September 2022.